Shook Joins Call to Protect Equal Access to Voting

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Chair Madeleine McDonough has joined managing partners and in-house counsel across the legal industry in calling for elected officials to ensure equal access to voting for eligible voters.

“The firm has a long history of promoting voter rights and equality of access through our pro bono initiatives and community engagement,” said McDonough. “We unequivocally support efforts to ensure protection for this constitutional right.” 

Shook has signed the industry-wide statement, which reads: 

“Equal access to voting is a fundamental right in the United States. Making voting easier, not harder, for all eligible voters should be the goal of every elected official. Election laws that impose unnecessary obstacles and barriers on the right to vote and that disenfranchise underrepresented groups represent a significant step backwards for all Americans. Now, more than ever, courageous leadership is required from our elected officials. We, the undersigned law firm managing partners and corporate general counsel, denounce all efforts to restrict the constitutional right of every eligible American to vote and to participate in our democracy.”