Shook Chair Quoted on Summer Associates Program

Seemingly on the cusp of the post-pandemic era, Reuters interviewed law firms on how they were handling this years summer associates programs. 

In “Another Zoom Summer? Firms Rethink Associate Programs as COVID-19 Restrictions Lift,” Shook Chair Madeleine McDonough was quoted on how four of the firm’s 16 offices will host their summer associates in person. 

“If there are summer associates who would still prefer to be virtual, thats fine, too,” McDonough said. “Were arranging for that as well. But most of them have said that they would really like it to be in person. So, were accommodating.”

The summer program at Shook is a 10-week program which begins in May and ends in late July. Shook offers summer associates several training opportunities in a variety of skills, including a writing workshop, a negotiation program, a trial practice program and a multitude of lectures and presentations.