Growth, Diversity, Shook Priorities, Chair McDonough Talks With Law360

Following the announcement of a new St. Louis office, Law360 Pulse reached out to Shook Chair Madeleine McDonough to discuss what is spurring firm growth for the premier trial firm now located in 17 cities. The following is a conversation with McDonough and Law360 Reporter Adrian Cruz for the article, “Shook Hardy’s Chair on Steering Growth, Fostering Diversity.”

Shook Hardy recently opened a St. Louis office in the firms third major expansion of 2021. What's fueled this recent expansion wave? Are there plans for more expansion during the second half of the year?

“A lot of our expansion has been a direct result of clients. We have various clients who, frankly, have asked us to hire some lateral counsel that they really like but who they think might do better for them on our platform. We have 17 offices now, and a lot of clients think that if we can hire some lawyers they know and like, who may not have the best or most optimal platform for what they need, it would be helpful if they joined Shook. As a result, much of our growth comes from client requests and conversations with them about what they need and who might be best suited to provide those services.

The full interview is available on Law360 Pulse.