The American Lawyer Profiles Shook’s New Pro Bono Director

The American Lawyer featured Shook’s new Director of Pro Bono Scot Fishman. He is a results-driven lawyer who developed and led award-winning pro bono programs for more than 15 years, dramatically increasing attorney hours and participation. The American Bar Association, Public Council Law Center, The American Lawyer and other prominent organizations across the country have recognized the measurable outcomes and successes of his programs.

“My job is to meet attorneys and find ways for them to help, given their expertise, their time and their interests, and help match what they offer to a need in our community,” Fishman said.

Firm Chair Madeleine McDonough sees Fishman advancing Shook’s already substantial pro bono efforts. “Scot will bring a lot of structure and rigor to the program,” said McDonough.