Shook Of Counsel Appointed to California Lawyers Association Executive Committee

The California Lawyers Association has appointed Shook Of Counsel Steve Vieux to the executive committee of its Antitrust and Unfair Competition Law Section for the upcoming 2021-2022 term. 

As a member of the executive committee, Vieux will help oversee the Section’s current activities including new programs and initiatives to further the development of antitrust and competition law in California. A core component of the executive committee’s work is to provide opportunities to develop the next generation of California antitrust and unfair competition law practitioners. Vieux’s term will begin September 26 at the close of the California Lawyers Association’s 2021 Annual Meeting.

Vieux represents clients from diverse industries in business and consumer litigation. Before joining Shook, Vieux was a senior attorney at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) where he led antitrust investigations in the health care and pharmaceutical industries.