Shook Attorneys Present to US Chamber of Commerce on COVID Workplace Issues

Shook Attorneys Yara Rashad, Ivelisse Saint-Clair, Luci McMurray and Bill Martucci presented a series of points for consideration of the legal reporters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently in connection with employment issues in  “COVID-Era and Beyond.” 
Among the topics discussed were where the U.S. is currently and where we are going, including considerations for return-to-work policies; the Biden administration and the federal vaccine mandate; employer liability in connection with the legality of mandatory vaccination programs; school mandates; federal, state and local trends; and a contrast with EU perspectives, as well as COVID and post-COVID employment litigation issues. 

“This was a dynamic group of well-informed, cutting edge legal reporters who work on behalf of business,” said Martucci. “Their questions were insightful and many. It was a wonderful experience for colleagues Yara, Ivelisse and Luci – a strong team.”

Martucci serves as the practice leader of the Shook National Employment Litigation and Policy Practice, representing corporate employers, and practices nationally in business and employment litigation. Singled out for its employment successes on The National Law Journal’s “Defense Hot List” and by The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers, Shook’s employment litigation team exclusively represents corporate employers—including as national counsel for a number of Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S.