The American Lawyer Quotes Shook Firm Chair on Trial Surge and Top Talent

Shook Chair Madeleine McDonough was quoted by The American Lawyer for two stories on law firm challenges and opportunities, including finding and retaining top talent, and the return of jury trials post-pandemic. 

In “These Are the Obstacles That Have Firm Leaders Most Concerned in 2022,” McDonough was interviewed along with other Big Law executives on challenges going forward. On the need to acquire, nurture and retain top talent, McDonough stated that she focuses on talent “literally every day” and that acquiring and retaining top talent is “always top-of-mind,” even if it means hiring talent outside of the firm’s current locations. 

“Location in some ways has become less important,” McDonough says, “but there are people really attached to a particular location. And if they’re a really A-plus trial lawyer, we try to accommodate them and keep them in the place they’re happiest.”

In “Big Law Betting on a Litigation Resurgence in 2022 and Into 2023,” The American Lawyer interviewed Big Law executives on the opportunities on the horizon especially in the wake of a resurgence of trials post-COVID. McDonough stated that the firm was “back on track” by the fourth quarter of 2021 and that the surge in trials has gone beyond COVID. 

“We have pent-up demand, but also lots of new filings and trials on the calendar, in addition to the pent-up demand from COVID,” said McDonough, “And it’s only been going more and more since then. So it’s a busy time.”

In 2021, Shook added two new offices, one in New York and one in St. Louis, and the new practice of Technology Transactions to keep pace with client demand, and this year McDonough was re-elected in January for another five-year term as firm chair.