Law360 Profiles Environmental Lawyer as Rising Star

After selecting Shook Partner Brent Dwerlkotte as a Rising Star, Law360 is now featuring him in a “Q and A” profile. In the past 18 months, Dwerlkotte has been behind and in front of some of the firm’s largest environmental wins for marquee clients. Here’s a short summary of the article.

What motivates you?

“What you knew last month may not even be all that relevant for next month. So you have to keep up to speed on a lot of different things. Not just nationwide but at a state level.”

What is your proudest moment?

“Working on prisoner civil rights cases. One client was so excited that someone actually took the time to work on his case and put a lot of time into it. He couldn’t believe someone would actually do that.”

What is the future of environment law? 

“Environmental law is changing on a near weekly basis. The country will likely see an uptick in environmental and mass tort litigation.”