Law360 Reports on Shook's Pro Bono Commitment to Veterans

Fresh off earning an award from The Veterans Consortium, Law360 spoke to Shook Pro Bono Director and Partner Scot Fishman about the firm’s recently launched advocacy team to help veterans. The Shook program has grown to 70 lawyers and 30 matters ranging from military discharge upgrade bids and disability compensation appeals.

“The system is so complex and is set up to be so difficult for them that it's almost like there's a threshold that they have to get beyond to prove that they've earned those benefits,” Fishman told Law360 about veterans, “rather than the threshold being that they've earned the benefits and somebody has to prove that they don't deserve them.”

The Veterans Consortium recognized Shook as its Law Firm Pro Bono Mission Partner. The honor is given to firms who devote their time and resources to the TVC mission, help improve the lives of veterans through pro bono legal assistance, as well as assist with training volunteers.