For Pro Bono Success Match Lawyers with Interests, Shook Director Tells Law360

Law360 interviewed Shook Pro Bono Director and Partner Scot Fishman about the expansion of the firm’s pro bono program, “Top Priority for Pro Bono Leaders in 2023.” Fishman was interviewed along with other pro bono leaders from large firms.

When reflecting on 2022, Fishman noted it is important to “be mindful of connecting a community’s needs with what engages a firm’s attorneys.” He says achieving a positive impact is not done by “throwing lawyers at the problem, but through ensuring that the strengths and knowledge of those attorneys match up with the issues being tackled.”

Expanding services in pro bono appealed to Fishman. When he joined Shook in August 2021, the firm primarily focused on family law, civil rights and immigration. Since then, firm priorities have expanded to include veterans’ appeals, domestic violence and increased immigration work. Fishman said Shook is anticipating a 25% increase in the average number of pro bono hours per lawyer compared to 2021. “Maybe that's their passion, and they just didn't know that that was an option to use for pro bono?” Fishman said, referring to domestic violence case work as an example. “And it addresses a need that a community has. That's a win-win.” 

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