Shook Pro Bono Attorneys Celebrate Fifth Family Unity Day

Jackson County families gathered for the fifth annual Family Unity Day at the Jackson County Family Justice Center on June 29th. Shook Pro Bono attorneys David Suroff and Megan Roth, who helped organize the program, were also in attendance.

The goal of Unity Day is to celebrate parents and guardians who have been reunited with their children following allegations of neglect. Suroff said more than half of families are reunified within Jackson County. 

While many families have negative court experiences, Family Unity Day gives them the opportunity to celebrate alongside officials, enjoying face painting, balloon animals, free produce and an opportunity to connect with library services. “Being able to be safe and back home is just ideal,” Suroff said. “That’s what we strive for.”

As part of Shook’s Pro Bono Team, Suroff handles adult criminal matters and juvenile cases ranging from delinquencies to abuse and neglect. Roth is senior counsel for the firm whose practice is focused on cases related to juvenile delinquency and certification, abuse, neglect and guardianships. 

The Kansas City Star and Yahoo covered the event.