Shook Launches New Video Series Giving Insight to Attorney Life Outside Law

Shook has launched a new video series offering a unique glimpse into the lives of the firm’s attorneys. The new “Life Outside Law” series showcases the variety of passions, hobbies and activities Shook attorneys enjoy outside of boardrooms and courtrooms. Through these captivating videos, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the individuals behind the legal success, witnessing their extraordinary pursuits and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Intellectual Property Vice Chair Cory Fisher’s passion for thru-hiking helped provide him with a new outlook. “It gives you a lot of clarity,” said Fisher. “It gives you that opportunity to think and it gives you an opportunity to declutter everything that’s in your mind. I took advantage of that.” 

Life Outside Law episodes currently feature the following Shook attorneys:

Shook’s “Life Outside Law” series launch follows the firm’s successful initial video series, “60 Seconds of Legal Science,” which features Shook attorneys explaining the science behind their law practices. The American Lawyer wrote about the animated series.