Five Shook Attorneys Speak at ALM Legalweek

Five Shook attorneys will be speaking at ALM Legalweek happening January 29 – February 1 in New York City. Shook speakers and their presentations are as follows. 

January 30

Camila Tobón: Trends in Global Data Privacy Laws and Enforcement
“Panelists will discuss how their organizations are navigating the growing number of international data privacy laws, current enforcement trends, and how laws will continue to evolve.”

Michael Shortnacy: Managing Client Data Risks in the Digital Age
“This session will focus on best practices for safeguarding client information and how to work with clients to show that you are responsibly handling their data.”

January 31 

Patrick OotLegalweek Ethics Plenary: The Judicial Lightning Round
Oot will moderate Legalweek’s judges panel as they explore “the challenges practitioners face in meeting ABA Model Rule 1.1’s mandate for technical competence. Topics include the emergence of AI, Chat GPT and its ‘hallucinations’ (and lawyers who rely on its citations), the prominence of data security litigation, and amorphous discovery obligations in modern productivity platforms.” 

February 1

Veronica GromadaDeploying Technology to Meet Compliance and ESG Demands
Discussion on “how cutting-edge technology is pivotal in helping organizations tackle the multifaceted challenges of customs-related traceability issues, product import regulations, and compliance with the landmark Universal Labor and Fair Business Act.”

Jeremiah Wikler: Walking the Legal Privilege Tightrope — Managing the Risk of Breaking Privilege
Panelists will “discuss safeguarding the cornerstone of the attorney-client relationship in an increasingly digital world” and how to “use technology to manage the risk of breaking privilege and operationalize measures to protect it.”

Every year, ALM Legalweek is attended by thousands of legal professionals to network and obtain professional development education.