Four Shook Partners Selected for Law360 Editorial Boards

Four Shook partners have been selected to serve on Law360’s 2024 Editorial Advisory Boards. The editorial advisory board were formed to receive feedback from readers on how Law360 can improve its coverage and to provide reporters with a variety of sources. The following partners will serve as sources on trends throughout the year.

Becker is a class action and complex litigation partner in Shook Atlanta and will advise on Georgia news and updates. Nott Davis is a product liability litigation attorney with a focus on life sciences and biotechnology out of Boston. She was recently announced with the 2024 class of new Shook partners.

Lewis is the managing partner of Shook Houston and leads the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives. He is also the founder of Shook’s new Corporate DEI Consulting, Compliance and Disputes Practice Group. Located in Tampa, Voss will provide input on Florida’s Editorial Board. She focuses her practice on product liability along with work to help those who are underrepresented.

Each partner has previously served on their respective editorial board. Those appointed to the Law360 editorial boards serve a one-year term and must apply and be chosen yearly to continue to serve on the boards. Selected attorneys communicate with editors and offer insight into legal trends and help to direct and shape news coverage.