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Patent Venue: The State of the Law a Year after the Dramatic Changes Introduced by TC Heartland | March 2018

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Special Supplement: Federal Circuit Finds that Petitioners Have Burden of Persuasion of Unpatentability of Claims Amended During an IPR Proceeding, For Now | October 2017

Exhausted!: The Supreme Court Weakens Patent Owners’ Rights to Enforce Post-Sale Restrictions on Patented Products | August 2017

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Is Alice Ten Feet Tall? New Guide for 'Unpatentable' Computer-Enabled Inventions | October 2014

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Easing "Exceptional Case," Supreme Court Again Relaxes Federal Circuit Rules | May 2014

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Startling Jurisdiction Expansion? “At War” Standard Modifies “Case-or-Controversy” Requirement | March 2014

EMVR's Night of the Living Dead: EMVR Affects Damages Post-LaserDynamics | February 2014


New "Belief" Defense to Induced Infringement: Fixing What Isn't Broken? | November 2013

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Knotty or Nice? | December 2012

Lump Sum Under the Carpet? Can't Sweep 29 License Agreements under Reasonably Royalty Rug | November 2012

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