Jane has particular experience in coordinating resources for multidistrict and other high-volume litigation, with an emphasis on developing case, data and team management procedures that provide great efficiencies and cost savings for her clients. Jane has efficiently managed large-scale teams—with one such team exceeding 250 attorneys and staff—and voluminous dockets, in complex pharmaceutical and medical device litigation across the country and internationally. Jane has served as national, regional and workup coordinating counsel for several Fortune 500 companies. Jane’s clients—including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Boston Scientific Corporation and Bayer Corporation—have experienced Jane’s commitment to providing cost-efficient, effective representation that maximizes the value of their legal spending. 
Jane has more than 20 years of experience defending major pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers in product liability matters. She has guided strategy in all aspects of trial preparation, including MDL population analysis and bellwether trial candidate selection, producing company witnesses, and deposing experts and key prescribing and treating physicians in bellwether cases. Jane deposed the key witness—the prescribing physician—in a drug failure-to-warn case, leading the court to toss out a $28 million jury verdict against a pharmaceutical manufacturer based on the learned intermediary doctrine.

One of Jane’s specialties is creative dispositive motion victories, and she has defended those wins through her appellate practice with an undefeated record in oral arguments before the Fifth, Eighth and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeals. Jane has obtained dismissals after persuading courts that product recalls do not equate to a defect under the law, and she has significant experience with the issues of Daubert, the learned intermediary doctrine, and the preemption of claims against manufacturers of prescription medical devices. She has also obtained dispositive motion victories on the grounds of innocent seller statutes, corporate veil statutes, product identification deficiencies and statutes of limitations. Jane proactively assists her clients with resolving litigation before trial becomes necessary.

Jane’s clients also value the service she routinely provides in assisting them with their litigation-related business needs, including avoiding business disruptions, financial reserve and trending analyses, auditor requests, SEC disclosures, insurer updates and coverage issues, preservation policies and risk assessments. Jane also works with her clients to accomplish their goals through the use of innovative alternative fee arrangements. She designs and manages fixed, capped and performance-based fee arrangements to more effectively serve her clients’ needs.


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