Connor’s nationwide practice focuses on defending clients sued for product liability, tort, negligence and automotive liability. He represents product manufacturers and service providers across many industries, including the automotive, medical device and telecommunications industries. Connor has experience in all key phases of litigation: initial case assessment and negotiation, efficient written and deposition discovery, drafting pre-trial and trial motions, conducting mediations, and trial preparation. 

Connor has defended major medical device manufacturers throughout his career. Defending these cases requires an in-depth understanding not just of legal principles, but also of the complex medical and scientific aspects underpinning these products. Connor leverages this knowledge throughout the litigation process to manage case dockets effectively and efficiently. He knows that every detail—from the intricacies of product design and development, to the impact of regulatory standards, to the interpretation of clinical data—can be pivotal in a case. 

Beyond his everyday practice, Connor devotes a significant portion of his time to pro bono work. He predominantly represents inmates whose constitutional rights have been violated and criminal defendants who do not have the resources to defend themselves.