Are You Involved in the Consumer Product Supply Chain? It's Time To Bring Your Practices in Line with New UK Product Safety Codes

Now is the time for businesses to spring clean their Product Safety Incident Plan, create a new Product Safety Management Plan and review their pre-market product safety compliance procedures in light of several new and revised UK guidance documents.

A revised Code of Practice on Supporting Product Recalls and Other Corrective Actions (PAS 7100:2022) provides additional guidance to businesses preparing Product Safety Incident Plans and sets out new guidance for online marketplace operators and those that design, repair and refurbish consumer products. A new Product Safety and Non-compliance Notification Guide provides welcome clarity to the requirements to notify regulatory authorities if products pose a risk to health and safety or are not compliant with legislative requirements. These guidance documents sit alongside another very useful new Code of Practice to Support Businesses with Bringing Safe Products to Market (PAS 7050:2022), which assists all businesses in the supply chain in creating an effective Product Safety Management Plan to ensure that only safe products are placed on the market.

Our more detailed commentary on these new and revised guidance documents—and how businesses can comply with them—can be found here: