Oot Co-Authors Whitepaper on Cross-Border Language Barriers in FCPA Enforcement

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Data and Discovery Strategies Partner Patrick Oot has co-authored a whitepaper titled "Overcoming the Cross-Border FCPA Foreign Language Barrier," which urges counsel to account for "foreign legal traditions, cultures and languages by developing action plans that deploy the right people, process and technology to manage volumes of foreign language data." With the number of corruption investigations on the rise in foreign jurisdictions, the whitepaper offers a three-step conceptual workflow for language translation to help in-house counsel identify key search terms and phrases during discovery.

"Each country has its own innuendo and code for bribery and corruption, making it easy for non-native speakers to miss the true nature of illicit conversations," notes the report. "Planning ahead to streamline the cross-border litigation foreign language eDiscovery translation process can save an organization time and money."