Wajert Edits 2015 Class Actions and Mass Torts Answer Book

Practicing Law Institute (PLI) recently published the Class Actions and Mass Torts Answer Book 2015 edited by Shook, Hardy & Bacon Philadelphia Managing Partner Sean Wajert.

The book guides the readers through the process of defending against class actions and mass torts from initiation of the case to filing an appeal and provides a detailed analysis of areas including class action prerequisites, injunctive relief and damages classes, absent class members, discovery issues, class certification hearings and procedures, trial of a class action, remedies, damages and fees, and settlement. 

The book also provides hundreds of case citations, including major federal Circuit Court cases and many district court and state cases. 

Wajert was approached by PLI’s publisher previously about authoring or editing a book in the “answer book” series. As the editor, Wajert wrote or co-wrote many of the chapters, edited the others, and drafted the questions each chapter addresses. 

While PLI has published more than 20 books in their “answer book” series, Wajert edited the first on this topic.