Shook Attorneys Edit Getting the Deal Through: Product Liability 2018

Shook Partners Greg Fowler and Simon Castley served as contributing editors for the 2018 edition of Getting the Deal Through: Product Liability, part of a series of publications that provide an overview on an area of law in countries around the world. In addition to editing the publication, Fowler, Castley and Associate Ruth Anne French-Hodson provided the Global Overview on product liability. “While there is scope for arguing that the various national product liability regimes are becoming normalised as they continue to develop, it is also true that there remain critically important differences in both the procedural and substantive laws that make each jurisdiction’s product liability system unique,” the authors explain. “As discussed more fully below, rapid technological change has often highlighted these national differences in approach rather than homogenising them.”

Castley, with Shook Senior Analyst Jon Hudson, also authored the publication’s section on England and Wales, while French-Hodson and Partner Scott Kaiser wrote the section on product liability in the United States.

Shook has contributed to Getting the Deal Through: Product Liability for a number of years, including 2016 and 2014, as well as the 2018 edition on product recall.