Behrens and Northrip Explain DOJ Actions on Asbestos Trust Abuse

Shook Partner Mark Behrens and Of Counsel Bill Northrip have authored an article for Washington Legal Foundation's Legal Opinion Letter detailing the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ's) "unprecedented steps to combat the 'problematic lack of transparency in the operation of oversight of asbestos trusts.'" In September 2018, they explain, DOJ filed "perhaps its first-ever Statement of Interest in an asbestos-related bankruptcy proceeding" expressing concern about the lack of safeguards against "fraud, mismanagement, or abuse." 

Behrens and Northrip also addressed DOJ's actions against asbestos trust abuse in a December 2018 article for the International Association of Defense Counsel's Defense Counsel Journal and the broader issue of asbestos trust fraud and abuse in a October 2018 article for Fordham Law Review