Vieux, Saikali and Tobón Explain the California Consumer Privacy Act

Shook Partner Al Saikali and Of Counsels Steve Vieux and Camila Tobón have authored an overview of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) for the American Bar Association's Informational Law Journal. The act, which takes effect January 1, 2020, will apply to "a wide range of entities that interact with Californians," the authors explain, and aims "to protect a consumer's personal information."
The authors detail rights established by the act, including the right to be forgotten, the right to opt-out or opt-in and the right against discrimination. The California attorney general will enforce the CCPA, they note, and penalties include a $2,500 fine for an unintentional violation and $7,500 for an intentional violation.
"We can expect further amendments to the Act before it becomes effective in 2020. Given the broad nature and depth of the Act’s application, as well as need for greater clarity in some of the provisions, businesses should pay special attention to the legislative process," Vieux, Saikali and Tobón conclude. "Since the main requirements and goals of the Act are not anticipated to change much in the way of reducing the burden of compliance, businesses should also use this period before actual enforcement to work with privacy counsel in getting ready."