McGraw Discusses Hempcrete Use in US and Europe

Shook Partner Stephanie McGraw has authored an article for Cannabis Industry Journal, “Why Europe May Serve as an Important Bellwether for Hempcrete Use in the United States,” focusing on the sustainability lessons that the U.S. construction industry can take from Europe. “As the European Union moves forward with its 2019 European Green Deal, United States hemp, construction and limestone industries, as well as regulatory agencies, will be provided with an important preview of the benefits, risks and issues arising out of the use of hemp in construction,” McGraw explains.

“Hempcrete indeed sounds like a wünder-product for the construction industry (and the hemp industry),” McGraw notes. “Unfortunately, while it may alleviate some of the negative environmental impacts of the construction sector, it will not alleviate the threat of litigation in this industry, particularly in the litigious United States. The European Union’s experience with it will provide important insights for U.S. industries.”