Rice Explains Privacy Issues for Highly Automated and Connected Vehicles

Shook Associate Tatiana Rice joined Corporate Disputes for a discussion on privacy issues that may result from advances in highly automated and connected vehicle technology. Rice provided the magazine with an overview of developments in the technology and explained key issues in protecting the privacy of its users. "These technologies utilise enormous amounts of data, which raise similarly enormous concerns about data privacy and third-party liability," Rice explained.

Rice also noted the risks of ransomware in highly automated vehicles and other Internet of Things (IoT) technology. "IoT devices are fantastic, but they pose a great deal of cyber security risks. One cyber security firm in the UK was able to do a basic security scan of a wind farm and shut down every turbine. A security breach in any one HAV could be extremely disruptive - if hackers found a way to infiltrate the system, they could disrupt an entire ecosystem of ride-hailing or package delivery vehicles."