Martucci and Rosebrough Detail COVID-Related Risks for Employers

Shook Partner Bill Martucci and Associate Charlie Rosebrough answered questions for Corporate Disputes discussing considerations employers should take with regards to COVID-19. "There is a new normal after coronavirus (COVID-19)," Martucci told the magazine. "Companies—large companies—discovered they can operate with a majority of their employees working from home. The pandemic exposed weaknesses in employers' leave, workers' compensation and human resource abilities."

"In addition to remote work policies, many states are beginning to require employers to have written notification and safety guidelines, which give employees and state agencies a clear picture of the steps employers are taking to ensure a disease-free workplace," Martucci said.

"First and foremost, the employer needs to be mindful of its employees' health and safety," Rosebrough told Corporate Disputes. "The employer needs to ensure proper airflow in the office, proper distancing of employees, and proper mask and faceguard procedures are in place. These precautions will not only protect employees but protect employers from increased workers' compensation claims and any potential tort liability."