Barkett & Ampudia: Getting International Arbitration Ready for AI

Artificial intelligence is going to find its way into the decision-making process in international arbitration, and arbitral institutions should prepare for it, according to an article by Shook Partner John Barkett and Senior Counsel Ricardo Ampudia.

Barkett and Ampudia co-authored an Expert Analysis article in Law360 titled "Getting International Arbitration Ready for AI,” in which they put OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot to the test. They also discuss the regulatory landscape governing the use of AI, the role AI could play in arbitral decision making and the need for rulemaking addressing the use of AI.

“Rulemakers who are not thinking about AI need to be,” they wrote. “And rulemakers who are thinking about AI need to be evaluating whether steps must be taken now to adopt rules that can be adapted as technology continues to advance.”

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