Shook Attorneys Edit Getting the Deal Through: Product Liability 2019

Shook Partners Simon Castley and Greg Fowler have edited the annual Getting the Deal Through: Product Liability for the second year in a row. The publication is part of a series that provides an overview on an area of law in countries around the world. In addition to editing the publication, Fowler, Castley and Associate Ruth Anne French-Hodson provided the Global Overview on product liability. 
"As we did last year, we take a forward-facing approach in this global overview to examine the effect of emerging technologies on the future of tort and product liability law," they explain. "The pace of technological transformation has meant rapid changes in the global economy. The sharing economy has shifted how we travel, commute, purchase office space, make and obtain loans, and look for and market any number of goods and services—all made possible by online platforms powered by 'big data.'"
Castley, with Shook Partner Sarah Croft and Senior Analyst Jon Hudson, also authored the publication’s section on England and Wales, while Associate Margaret Horn and Senior Staff Attorney Kelly Dawson wrote the section on product liability in the United States.
In addition to the 2018 edition, Shook has contributed to Getting the Deal Through: Product Liability for 2016 and 2014, as well as the 2018 edition on product recall.