Appel Accepted to Invite-Only Expert Network

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Public Policy Associate Christopher E. Appel has been named a Distinguished Lawyer by the invitation-only organization The Expert Network, an organization that identifies and profiles select professionals who deserve recognition.

Appel, who serves clients from Shook’s Washington D.C. office, dedicates a significant portion of his practice to improving the civil justice system. He has authored over 50 legal publications, including more than 20 law review articles addressing legal public policy issues. Appel has also served as co-author and editor of several legal text books, including Prosser, Wade & Schwartz’s Torts, which is the leading torts case book in the United States. 

In a press release announcing the honor, Appel describes why he first entered the legal field, saying, "What drew me to the legal profession was really the combination of being on both ends of the law at an early age. In high school, I, like many new drivers caused a car accident and was named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit. The experience was a bit terrifying, but it exposed me to what the ‘real world’ of litigation was like. Later, while in college, my family was the victim of attorney malpractice, which exposed me to abuse in our legal system. Both events made me want to work to improve the legal system on a macro level, which is in large part what I do now as an attorney."

The Expert Network chose Appel based on peer reviews and ratings, dozens of recognitions, and accomplishments achieved throughout his career.