Behrens Discusses Tort Reform Under President Trump with Bloomberg BNA

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Public Policy Co-Chair Mark Behrens discusses possible tort litigation reforms under the Trump administration in a November 10 Bloomberg BNA’s Product Safety & Liability Reporter article, “Trump on Tort Reform? Where Business, Populist Interests Clash.”

On his “legal reform short list,” Behrens would like to see a renewed push for overhauls to class action and asbestos exposure litigation procedures. He also suggests that bills to reduce so-called frivolous litigation and restrict transfers of federal cases to state courts “are also in play.”

However, he notes, “with a President that won't reject these measures out of hand as a matter of administration policy, it will be easier, but you still have to get 60 votes in the Senate.” Behrens adds, “Sixty votes is always a challenge in any kind of legislation, including legal reform legislation.”