Schwartz Discusses Civil Reform Bills Passed by House in BNA Series

Bloomberg BNA featured Shook Hardy & Bacon Public Policy Group Co-Chair Victor Schwartz in a three-part series about a tort reform legislation package that contains proposals to revise class action practice, help defendants keep cases out of plaintiff-friendly courts, limit certain types of settlements, and sanction attorneys who file dubious claims. Schwartz is one of the primary supporters of the six-bill package.

One of the keys to passing legislative reform, Schwartz says, is to take a “piecemeal” approach, proposing narrowly-focused individual bills instead of a big bill that makes a big target for opponents.

Although similar reforms have stalled in Congress in the past, the Republican-controlled House strongly supports the package, and Schwartz says changes in Senate leadership may provide a better opportunity for its passage.

The series examines the groundwork for the proposed reforms,1 the developing legislative battle,2 and whether President Donald Trump may sign the bills if passed.3 

Schwartz told Bloomberg he is “confident” that President Trump will support the legislation if supporters link it to priorities he cares about, such as job growth and reduction of legal costs.

1. Feb 27, 2017 Trump to Weigh Litigation Changes Long Coveted by Business

2. Feb. 28, 2017 Push to Enact Civil Justice Bills Follows industry Playbook

3. March 2, 2017 Trump Seen as Supportive of Business-Backed Litigation Bills