Shook Partners to Speak at DRI Women in the Law Event

The DRI Women in the Law Seminar, co-sponsored by Shook, Hardy & Bacon, brings together national leaders in corporations, firms, the judiciary, and business to provide practical tips for handling legal and career-development issues. It will take place January 31 – February 2, 2018 in Miami Beach. The faculty includes Shook Partner Janet Hickson, the Program Chair. Hickson will be delivering the Welcome and Introduction for the event.  

Partner Hildy Sastre will be leading the breakout session: “Preparing to Win” for the DRI Women in the Law Seminar. Sastre’s presentation will be geared toward more experienced attorneys and will help them learn effective strategies to prepare witnesses to spot and respond to “reptilian” questions in real time.  

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Hickson's practice focuses on product liability litigation. She has significant experience representing the manufacturers and distributors of automobiles, motorcycles, food products, consumer products, industrial equipment and medical devices. She has also represented entertainment and amusement park venues, in addition to handling a range of commercial litigation matters. 

Sastre litigates and serves as trial counsel in high-stakes product liability cases on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers throughout the United States. She has also tried commercial and intellectual property cases.