KC Counselor Features Attorneys From Around the World

Having a foreign background allows Shook attorney Brice Nengsu Kenfack to see things from a different perspective. Nengsu Kenfack was among the attorneys featured in the September issue of the KC Counselor, “Making the Bar Go Round: A Look at Foreign-Born Attorneys in Kansas City.”

Nengsu Kenfack was born in a small city outside Cameroon, Africa. On a basketball scholarship, he moved to the U.S. where he attended Creighton University and later law school.

“My foreign background makes it easier for me to adapt to a variety of situations, cases and people (whether it is clients, coworkers, and opposing counsel or court personnel) to whom I am often exposed,” he told the KC Counselor.

His Shook colleague, Michael Cappo, says of Nengsu Kenfack, “Brice is a smart, hardworking attorney. He is an essential member of the team…”

Shook’s Director of Strategic Diversity Initiatives Kori Carew describes him as a “walking illustration of cultural fluency and diversity.”

Nengsu Kenfack defends clients in product liability, insurance disputes and general liability disputes.