Minority Corporate Counsel Association Talks Diversity with Shook Chair Madeleine McDonough

The Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) spoke with Shook Chair Madeleine McDonough about the firm’s commitment to diversity for the Winter 2018 issue of Diversity & the Bar Magazine. Shook won the MCCA’s George B. Vashon Innovator Award for diversity innovation in 2018.

“As lawyers – the keepers of democracy and the profession in continual pursuit of justice – we have a responsibility to model the diversity and inclusion we seek within our profession and communities,” McDonough said.

McDonough cited two examples that set the firm apart from other law firms. Several years ago, Shook launched its Diversity & Inclusion Commitment Plan, which has expanded to require education and leadership development. And, for law students, the firm developed the Shook Scholars Institute program, a two-day initiative allowing diverse participants to be mentored by experienced Shook attorneys.

“Studies prove that teams perform better and businesses yield better results when the talents of diverse and inclusive teams are leveraged,” McDonough said. “We must be focused on creating work environments where all talents are fully utilized.”