ACC and The Texas Lawbook Honor Shook with Creative Partnership Award

The Association of Corporate Counsel’s Houston Chapter and The Texas Lawbook selected Shook, Hardy & Bacon and Carriage Services, Inc. to receive the 2019 Houston Corporate Counsel’s Creative Partnership Award.

“When my company is on the line, I want to know that I have qualified and experienced lawyers who I absolutely trust with the future of our business,” Carriage Legal Counsel Mike Elliott told the publication.

Elliott and Shook are featured in the article, “Carriage’s Mike Elliott & Shook Hardy – Creative Partnering.”

Shook Partner Bert Ocariz told The Texas Lawbook, “It is important that in-house and outside counsel must have a shared vision of the client’s legal needs and expectations. Mike takes the time to thoroughly understand the challenges before him which helps the Shook team develop the legal road map needed to achieve the best result for their client.”

The Houston ACC and The Texas Lawbook honored Shook, Carriage Services and other award recipients April 25, 2019, in Houston.