Barkett Presents Allocator Panel at ABA Masterclass on Environmental Liability

Partner John Barkett will be a panelist for “The Allocators Speak on Allocation and Mediation” at the ABA Master Class on Complex Environmental Liability Resolution, June 12, 2019, in Atlanta. 

The panel members, all of whom are experienced Superfund allocators, will discuss their individual approaches to the allocation and mediation process, drafting effective position papers and technical reports, application of the Gore and other factors, and “working the room” when the parties meet for the mediation phase. 

Scheduled panelists include David Batson of AlterEcho, William Hengemihle of FTI Consulting, Matthew Low of Matt Law & Associates, and Kathleen Whitby of Spencer Fane LLP.  

Barkett is a fellow of the American College of Environmental Lawyers, as well as the College of Commercial Arbitrators and the American College of Civil Trial Mediators. He also is a contributing author of Environmental Dispute Resolution: An Anthology of Practical Experience