Shook Pro Bono Attorneys Celebrate Family Unity Day

Shook Pro Bono Attorneys Megan Roth and David Suroff served on a committee to help organize the 2nd Family Unity Day in Jackson County Family Court in Kansas City, Missouri, June 22, 2019.

The American Bar Association, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources and the Casey Family Foundation work together to create family reunification celebrations. The goal is to celebrate families who have safely reunified and inspire other parents who are in the court system to resolve their issues.

“There is a perception that the Family Court is designed to break up families, when in fact, the opposite is true,” said Family Administrative Judge Dale Youngs. “Hundreds of children at Family Court are safely reunified with their parents every year.”

“As pro bono attorneys, the work we do can be very challenging,” said Shook Staff Attorney David Suroff, who attended the event. “But seeing these families reunited reinforces why we choose to be involved in serving those who can’t afford legal representation. It is extremely rewarding when families are reunited.”

Shook was a sponsor of the event along with area nonprofits and first responders. KCUR provided coverage of Family Unity Day.