As a leader in the delivery of pro bono legal services, Shook, Hardy & Bacon provides approximately 30,000 hours of free legal counsel on an annual basis, donating its expertise and resources to communities across the United States. In recent years, Shook attorneys have assisted unaccompanied minors in immigration proceedings, staffed legal clinics and advocated on behalf of disabled individuals. These pro bono and community service efforts reflect the firm’s dedication to representing the under-served in matters as diverse in nature and scope as the attorneys who handle them.

To institutionalize this ongoing commitment, Shook has appointed a full-time director of pro bono services, Jolie Justus, who partners with the Pro Bono Committee and a full-time pro bono staff to administer the program's day-to-day activities.

I subscribe to the belief that each human life should be judged not by its duration but by its donation. Each of us is duty bound to make our community, our state and our nation a little bit better by our presence.

— Charles L. Bacon

Pro Bono Committee

Charles Eblen (Chair)
Jolie L. Justus (Vice Chair)
J. Eugene Balloun
Jennifer McLoone
Amir Nassihi
Bryan Pratt
Megan Roth
Alfred J. Saikali
Connor J. Sears
Cary Silverman
Gabriel Spooner
Jon Strongman 
Kevin Underhill
Kristopher J. Verra
Eva M. Weiler
Greg Wu
Kylene Batiz
Kathy Hoffman
Rhonda Hoffman