Before joining Shook, Kathleen practiced for more than 12 years as a clinical pharmacist in a major teaching hospital. In this setting, Kathleen developed an in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This experience provides a valuable foundation for her pharmaceutical and medical device practice.

Kathleen’s practice includes all aspects of litigation up to, and including, trial. To that end, Kathleen has served as trial counsel in cases involving pharmaceutical as well as consumer products.

In addition to her role as trial counsel, Kathleen has wide-ranging experience in all aspects of pretrial case work-up, including fact and expert discovery, both in individual cases in the mass tort setting. She has had top-level management roles in nationwide litigation and provides global litigation strategy consultation to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. Kathleen has been involved in a multitude of federal multidistrict litigation, including those pertaining to diet drugs, thimerosal, hormone therapy, hormone patches, contact lens solution, contrast agents, anti-psychotic agents, hip implants, mesh implants and defibrillators. 

Kathleen additionally has extensive briefing experience, which has translated into significant, positive outcomes for her clients, including the successful dismissal of individual claims and entire lawsuits for failure to adequately plead claims under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as well as winning summary judgment motions in cases in which the defendant’s actions were alleged to have resulted in death.


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