Shook Attorneys to Speak at 25th Annual Drug and Medical Device Litigation Conference

Two Shook attorneys will be presenting as panelists at the American Conference Institute (ACI) Drug and Medical Device Litigation Virtual Conference in December. 

Shook Trial Attorney and Partner Buffy Mims will be a presenter at 10:30 a.m. EST, December 9, for “Assessing How Recent Current Events Are Impacting Juror Mindsets, Perceptions and Verdicts in Drug and Device Cases.” Mims and her two co-panelists will examine how events from this year, such as the pandemic and the recent presidential election, will affect juror mindsets in drug and medical device litigation going forward. Questions discussed include: Will juries have as big of an appetite to award big damages in the post-COVID-19 recession era? Will jurors have more understanding of things like science, epidemiology and causation after watching these things play out each day in the news over the last year? If so, how do we approach dealing with “smarter” juries?

Shook Litigator and eDiscovery Specialist Partner Gabe Egli will be a presenter later in the day December 9 at 2:45 p.m. EST, for “Understanding the Use of Data Analytics in the Management of MDLs.” As judges in at least three recent prominent MDLs have ordered lawyers to prescreen some of the lawsuits through an “initial census” process, Egli and two other panelists will review questions about how the information is being collected and used—including the data and analytics from these forms—in the management of MDLs, how the data is impacting judicial decisions and future proceedings, and who has access to the data.

ACI’s Drug and Medical Device Litigation Conference is designed for masters-level strategy sharing and bringing together hundreds of industry leaders from both in-house, private practice and government to gain winning life sciences product liability litigation strategies.