Shook Partner Quoted by New York Times, NPR on Supreme Court Climate Change Case

The New York Times, National Public Radio (NPR), the Washington Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle quoted Shook Partner Phil Goldberg on a case before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding climate change litigation and jurisdiction. 

Goldberg who is co-chair of Shook’s Public Policy Practice Group and serves as special counsel to the Manufacturers’ Accountability Project, commented on effectively fighting climate change and the federal-versus-state-court venue issues presented in the Court’s review of BP Plc v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore. As Goldberg told the San Francisco Chronicle

“Baltimore’s claims may be packaged under state tort law (but) their goals, the nature of the litigation, and the remedies they seek are all inherently national.”

A summary of Goldberg’s perspective on the case and combatting climate change can be found in “ICYMI: MAP’s Phil Goldberg: ‘This Litigation is Not Going to Move the Ball Forward on Dealing with the Climate.’