Missouri Times Quotes Shook Public Policy Co-Chair on Litigation Reform

The Missouri Times quoted Shook Co-Chair of the Public Policy Practice Group Mark Behrens as a witness before a Missouri Senate committee on a proposed bill to establish new disclosure procedures for claimants in asbestos exposure lawsuits. The bill would require plaintiffs to support their claims before making it to court to prevent over-naming, which could decrease the number of cases that are not feasible and would eventually be dismissed. 

In “Missouri Senate to Debate Asbestos Litigation Reform,” Behrens is mentioned as one of five witnesses making the case for the bill. 

“The bill before you is simply a disclosure bill,” Behrens said. “It is the least intrusive solution that I’ve seen to try to solve this problem of eliminating waste in the legal system. The bill is not intended to take any money out of the hand of injured people, and it won’t.”

The committee has yet to act on the bill.