Shook Tampa Recognized With Pro Bono Service Award

Shook’s Tampa office has been recognized by Florida’s Thirteenth Judicial Circuit with the 2021 Outstanding Pro Bono Service by a Law Firm award.

Shook Tampa has a long tradition of pro bono service on behalf of children in need in Hillsborough County. In 2012, Shook’s Tampa office was the first Tampa law firm to sign up to take referral cases from Crossroads for Florida Kids, Inc., a pro bono organization formed to provide attorneys for children in foster care and the juvenile delinquency systems. Shook Tampa was recognized with the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit’s Outstanding Pro Bono Service by a Law Firm award in 2013 as well.

“This recognition is a tremendous honor for Shook Tampa and our tireless team of pro bono lawyers who make the time to represent disadvantaged children in Hillsborough County’s dependency and juvenile delinquency systems,” said Shook Tampa Partner Terri Parker. “These cases can be challenging, time consuming and emotionally draining, but they can also be very rewarding—and receiving this award for the second time is proof that we’re in it for the long haul to ensure that children in our community get the quality representation they deserve.”    

Shook Tampa attorneys have served as attorneys ad litem (AALs) for children in foster care and those with delinquency charges who are not in foster care to ensure that children have a voice in and out of the courtroom. They also represent guardians and serve as guardians ad litem in Hillsborough County. Attorneys who have provided this pro bono work are Raz Axente, Cecilia Bidwell, Aimée Tecla Canty, Brian Guthrie, Rebecca Harris, Ashley Hayes, Cathy Kamm, William Edwards Muniz, Terri Parker, Anitra Raiford, Brien Squires and Kris Verra. Also assisting with this pro bono work is Project Manager/Paralegal Liz Diecidue. 

Shook Tampa will be recognized at a virtual award ceremony to be held by the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, May 27.