Terri’s litigation practice includes defending product liability cases, employment disputes, and general tort, contract and eminent domain disputes. Terri is experienced in all phases of pretrial litigation and trial support, including taking and defending key depositions, managing discovery and case teams, preparing expert witnesses, third-chairing complex product liability trials, litigating and resolving post-trial claims for attorneys’ fees and costs, and arguing pretrial hearings, including dispositive motions. Some of Terri’s successes include winning summary judgment in three high-profile wrongful death cases. Terri’s thorough and detail-oriented discovery practices have effectively resolved a number of cases without the need for a trial. Terri also has deep knowledge of the Florida Wrongful Death Act.

Terri joined the legal profession with 15 years of operations and management experience in the insurance and financial services industry where she managed a variety of insurance underwriting, claims and customer service divisions for a Fortune 500 financial services company. This professional experience, coupled with an Executive MBA, provide Terri with a unique understanding and passion for defending corporations in today’s litigious environment.

Publications and Presentations

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