Shook Of Counsel Obtains International Litigation and Arbitration Board Certification

Shook Of Counsel Ricardo Ampudia has obtained International Litigation and Arbitration board certification from The Florida Bar. The Florida Bar board certification recognizes attorneys with special knowledge, skills and proficiency in specific areas of law, and professionalism and ethics in practice, and is the highest level of recognition by The Florida Bar for the competency and experience of a lawyer practicing in a specialty area.

Ampudia is an international arbitrator and litigation counsel. In his practice as counsel, he represents clients in a wide variety of high-profile international and cross-border disputes, as well as litigation in matters pertaining to securities, international trade, international human rights and international proceedings before INTERPOL. Ampudia has advised clients and clerked for international tribunals in proceedings in various languages and under various arbitration rules, including ICSID, UNCITRAL, DIAC, ICC, DR-CAFTA, HMAA, the AHLA and the ICDR, conducted at the Permanent Court of Arbitration/International Court of Justice (PCA/ICJ) and the facilities of the World Bank Group in Washington, D.C. Additionally, he has advised clients in litigation before U.S. courts involving foreign parties and transactions overseas.

Only approximately 7% of Florida’s more than 107,000 lawyers have earned board certification. To obtain certification, lawyers must practice law for at least five years before becoming eligible to start the board certification process; must demonstrate substantial involvement in the area of law in which certification is sought; must pass a comprehensive examination that evaluates a high level of knowledge, skills and expertise in a specialty field; undergo a rigorous peer-review process that assesses competence in a specialty field, as well as professionalism and ethics in the practice of law; and must satisfy the certification area’s robust continuing legal education requirements.