Shook Supports Expanded Gender Fairness Commitment Statement

More law firms have signed the Houston Bar Association’s Gender Fairness Commitment Statement, which is designed to increase the number of women partners and firm leaders. Shook was among the early-adopters signing the pledge in 2019. In 2021, the HBA expanded the mission to include more gender diverse groups, smaller firms, in-house counsel and other legal employers. The HBA released that the number of firm’s participating has increased to 67 from 60. The pledge asks firms, on their own timelines, to develop an internal set of programs and policies to promote equality for women in law offices and corporate law departments.

“Shook recognizes the value women attorneys bring to the firm and we continue to make strides in promotion, engagement and advancement of diverse talent,” stated Shook’s Houston Managing Partner Jennise Stubbs.

Led by Shook Chair Madeleine McDonough, the firm engages women attorneys in key roles serving clients. Women or diverse relationship partners serve more than 46% of the firm’s top 65 clients.