Shook Offers Daily Resources for Well-Being Week in Law

Shook’s commitment to the American Bar Association’s Well-Being Campaign is reflected in the firm making readily available wellness resources for Well-Being Week in Law, May 2-6. In addition to hosting an internal webinar on combatting burnout in the legal profession, Shook is promoting daily supportive and educational information on personal well-being topics on Shook’s internal and social media communications. 

Shook was an early signatory on the ABA Well-Being Pledge, which aims to reduce substance abuse and mental health issues in the legal profession. ABA’s commitment to well-being includes a directory of Lawyer Assistance Programs (LAPS) providing local confidential services and support to judges, lawyers and law students facing substance abuse or mental health issues. By teaming with the ABA and the Institute for Well-Being in Law and other health and wellness resources, Shook’s goal is to ultimately improve the current state of attorney mental health and support a healthy work environment.