Shook Attorneys Host Presentation on Smart Home Technology Legal Issues

Shook Attorneys Adam Shoshtari and Sarah McIntosh, will be hosting the presentation for the February 2023 ACC Information Governance Network Monthly Legal Update.

The title of the presentation is, “Thinking ‘Smart, How Smart Home Technology and Other Internet-Connected Tools Create Legal Issues.” The following is a summary of the presentation:

“From doorbells to dishwashers, smart home technology availability and use has exploded in recent years. The possibilities for turning items into smart products for the home and office seem nearly limitless. As more people embrace these modern day conveniences, the necessity of addressing the legal issues surrounding them grows too. This ACC Information Governance Network Legal Update will explore examples of these technologies, the legal questions they create, and how they change the way we think about data.”

The ACC Legal Update is set to take place on February 23 at 2 p.m. ET.