Adam’s practice focuses on discovery, records and information management, information protection and data privacy. As part of Shook’s Data and Discovery Strategies group, Adam advises clients on best practices for preservation, collection, processing, review and production as part of the discovery process. He has experience in preparing and negotiating protective orders and production protocols, as well as opposing unduly burdensome and costly discovery requests and  “discovery on discovery” efforts. 

In addition, Adam has extensive experience with Microsoft Office 365, and the ever-growing universe of tools that pose challenges and risks to organizations on a daily basis. He has successfully executed Microsoft Office 365 deployments—employing creative and "outside the box" solutions to planning, change management, data governance and in-place discovery in the Microsoft Cloud environment—for some of the world's largest organizations.

Adam volunteers with The Electronic Discovery Institute, a nonprofit organization that studies litigation processes and produces educational programs for the benefit of the federal and state judiciary. He spearheads EDI’s Spoliation Guide, a 50-state case survey intended to aid practitioners who need more information than they can find in a case law primer, whether to prepare for a strategy session with outside counsel or a client or a meet-and-confer with an adversary.


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Media Coverage

Collaboration is Crucial to Cross-Border Investigations in a GDPR World, Legaltech News, January 30, 2019.