Shook Pro Bono Reaches Around the Globe

While tensions between Palestinians and Israelis continue without political resolution in sight, economic collaboration can create bridges of understanding and joint prosperity. A Shook partner is working to realize this vision, with the firm’s pro bono support.

Shook’s pro bono client, Building Together, is a U.S.-based NGO that engages in agricultural development projects to unite Israeli and Palestinian farmers by bringing products to market jointly. One such project focuses on producing date honey. 

Shook Partner Amy Ragen spoke to an international audience at the American Jewish Committee’s (AJC) Global Forum in Tel Aviv where the date honey was center stage at a session led by Israeli and Palestinian business and civil society leaders to discuss economic development approaches to the current deadlock. Following the event, AJC distributed 700 jars of Building Together date honey to conference attendees.

Shook is a global law firm with a strong commitment to administering pro bono services for clients, including Building Together. The firm is providing advice regarding U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements to bring the date honey to market in the United States. Shook is honored to be part of a coalition working to build economic development and coexistence between Palestinians and Israelis.

Ragen is a member of the AJC Board of Governors and Executive Council and serves as AJC’s national chair of Interreligious Affairs. She leads Shook’s Technology Transactions Practice from her Seattle office.